Here in this article, we can provide the best kodi addons for live tv that are working properly without any issues.

Like any Kodi plugin, it depends if the server is full or not, if a link will be transmitted.

This means that you will not have any problems with the next day or the moment of the flow.

These ups and downs can not be frustrating, so it is always possible to stay with us.

That said, there are good ones who have improved improved live television, but do not expect it to be as reliable as cable television.


Best best addons for TV KODI Live 2018

cCloud TV

CCloud is synonymous with Community Cloud and is a community of people dedicated to live broadcast or online television.

Most of the canals can be found in the cartoon news sections.

It is a free IPTV to use, there is a server section to see which ones are up or down.

As always, it depends on whether a server has many connections before starting the connections.

This means that popular channels will be playing, especially if a popular program is playing. Less popular channels are usually easy to start.

Furious currents
Furious Streams is a live television complement or FTFA with mainly British content.

The sections include sports, movies and multiple British TV listings.

Many sections are random if they work with TV sections that currently work best.

IPTV Kodi Addon Resistor
Resistance is a Kodi Live IPTV add-on with broadcasts mainly in Spanish.

There are also many English channels, including many local stations throughout the United States.

IPTV Bonanza
IPTV Bonanza is a complement or Kodi Live TV from Maniac Repository.

It shows a daily list or links to use, which generally works very well.

He has many different languages, including English.

Intelligent IPTV turntable

Platinum Smart IPTV is a new live TV add-on 2018 from the Legion World TV repository.

The main menu has the Android application and the IPist Weblist.

The section of the Android application is very popular APK Mobdro, Edoctor, Snappy and Swift.

No FilmOn

Not Movie One is an all-in-one Kodi add-on with a category for everything.

The sections include IPTV, movies, TV shows, sports, documentaries, horror, music, comedy, business, news, automobiles, French, German, Russian, Asian, African, British and many more.


Mobdina is a new Kodi Live TV add-on from Play to Monkey Repo.

It pulls the currents of the popular Modbro API and so far it has worked very well.

The categories include channels, movies, music, news, shows and sports.

Ultra IPTV

Ultra IPTV is a new addition to Kodi that transmits live broadcasts.

It has broadcasts for most genres, including sports, television, news and more.

PAC-12 Pro

PAC-12 Pro is a new Kodi Live TV / IPTV add-on from Vinh Repository.

Sections include PAC12, EE. United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Adult, Vietnam, Music, PPV Channels, World, US News UU., PPV sports channels and more.

So far, it has worked very well.